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The Benefits

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Moving or relocating your business can be viewed as a daunting task in terms of logistics, time and cost. However, when you engage with Change Services, we're positive you'll feel the benefit.

Dedicated, flexible and great attention to detail
We will appoint a dedicated project manager to your move to provide a fully flexible approach to suit your specific requirements. Every business has different needs and we fully understand this. This is why we'll create a project plan with a structure and timescales to suit your needs, down to the last detail of that single file and the boss's favourite tea cup. The added benefit is that we have a wealth of experience in this field and can guide you through each step of the process. You let us know your end-needs, and we'll work out the most effective solution.

Having a single focus on Relocation, Facilities Management and Furniture Fittings & Equipment Services
Our experience and commitment are your strengths and allow us to provide services of the highest quality.

Processes, tools and ways of working allow for minimum business disruption
Our highly skilled project managers will navigate you seamlessly through your move, liaise with all key departments and staff members to ensure everyone is fully briefed and organised, with minimum disruption to the business and your clients.

Respond to business needs and requirements
We think about all the potential hurdles, challenges and risks that may occur as result of your move or relocation so we can plan and aim to eliminate as many issues as possible. We also plan ahead so we can immediately identify and resolve any issues prior to any relocation activity.

in the event of any issues, so we can immediately resolve. Planning is key, and we do it well, at every stage.



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